05 November 2021 – RINGO Meeting and Session Access

There will be a RINGO meeting tomorrow 5 November 2021 between 9:00 and 9:45 in Side Event Room Strangford Lough.  

Based on our understanding as of 0100 4 November 2021, tickets are not needed to access the negotiating rooms on 05 November.  Rather, for negotiation meeting rooms, there will be at least one name plate reserved for each NGO constituency.  (There may be more space available, we have just have at least one seat committed for the constituency). RINGO will determine who will be able to occupy the RINGO seat at each negotiation session during the morning RINGO meeting.  Note: If you are able to occupy the RINGO seat during a session, you are not representing or speaking for RINGO. 

If you are unable to be in the room, you can watch the negotiations through the COP26 Platform.

Please do not email/call/text the constituency focal points about meeting access.  Onsite RINGO steering committee members have final say.

Notes Database: A reminder that RINGO maintains a notes database on our website as a service to those attending and following the UNFCCC negotiations. As access the first few days has been limited and challenging, both in-person and virtually, we are asking that if you have been able to view a session, take notes and are willing to share them, please forward your notes to notes@ringfocalpoint.org. We will post them on our COP26 notes website. Your efforts will be very much appreciated! 

Please use the following guidelines when sending notes:
**Send in pdf format
**include the name and institution of the notetaker on the note
**include the session attended – agenda item, day and time – on the note

One thought on “05 November 2021 – RINGO Meeting and Session Access

  1. Dear organisers, I am a virtual observer from Monash University. None of us have been able to view nor access any of the RINGO updates. We would be grateful for some communication to be shared about virtual access daily as well how to access notes from your website. Kind regards G Bedi


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