SB 50

This page is the main repository of information for RINGOS for SB 50.  More details will be added here as they become available.  Last minute updates (ie meeting location change or new meeting added and occurring in the next few hours) will be posted here as well as posted as a new blog entry.  To subscribe to the blog entries so that you will receive an email with the new post, please see the information on the right hand panel.   Note – edits to this post will not generate an email – so please plan on checking this regularly.  

Prior to COP 24 RINGO prepared an Introduction to the UNFCCC webinar.  While some content was specific to COP 24, much is still relevant and will be helpful to understanding the UNFCCC for SB50.

During SB 50 in Bonn, Germany from June 17 – June 27, RINGOs are invited to:

  1. RINGO Constituency meetings:

RINGO will meet each morning beginning Monday, June 17 during SB 50 at 9:00 AM in Meeting Room Bonn.  (There will not be a meeting Saturday morning June 22). These daily meetings are intended to provide a platform for discussion about the ongoing negotiations, as well as facilitate networking and give the opportunity to share research results

Constituency meetings are not posted on the SB 50 daily programme after the first day, but the date and time remain the same unless otherwise indicated.

As we initiated at COP 24, we will highlight special topics relevant to out RINGO members during our meeting time.  Topics scheduled this far include:

  • Tuesday June 18 – Standing Committee on Finance led by RINGO co-focal point Tracy Bach
  • Wednesday June 19 – Update on the Research Dialogue led by Johanna Nalua, Griffith University and Joanna Post, UN Programme Officer – Research and Systematic Observation

We are open to your suggestions about other special topics you would like RINGO to offer.

2. Briefings with observer organizations.

  1. Meeting notes from constituency members:

It is impossible to be everywhere during the SBs.  To support one another, RINGO members are often willing to share notes from meetings they attend.  Please email notes that you are able to contribute to Meeting notes will be posted on the notes page as they become available.

  1. Side events and exhibits:

Note: Because of the large number of side events and exhibits organized by our members, we are unable to promote individual side events on this page.  Please see the UNFCCC side events webpage for a schedule of side events and the UNFCCC exhibits page for a list of exhibits.

  1. Meetings of potential interest to RINGOs

Research Dialogue
RINGO representatives are invited to the eleventh meeting of the annual SBSTA Research Dialogue on Thursday 20 June 2019, World Conference Centre Bonn (WCCB).

The focus of this year’s dialogue is Science for Transformation.  The research dialogue takes part in 2 sessions:

  • 13:15-14:45 Poster Session in Foyer
  • 15:00-18:00 Dialogue Session in Chamber Hall – with panel discussions and breakout groups.

The dialogue will gather experts from the scientific community, Party and non-Party representatives to showcase and discuss the latest science informing transformative change in energy systems and other sectors and for climate-resilient development.  The dialogue will also identify research gaps. The outcomes are intended to guide research efforts and science driven policy goals, as well as strengthen scientific support to relevant workstreams under the Convention. At the poster session, as well as posters on transformation of energy and other sectoral systems and transformative adaptation and climate resilient development, two cross-cutting themes – changing levels of risk due to climate change and the role of the ocean will also be presented and experts and expertise from these themes will also support the conversations in the dialogue.

Further details including an information note by the SBSTA Chair and agenda are available online. The website will be updated regularly in advance of the event.

Durban Forum – 8th Durban Forum on Capacity-building
Thursday 20 June (during the fiftieth session of the Subsidiary Bodies)
Time: 14:00 – 17:00
Venue: Conference room ‘Nairobi’, WCCB, Bonn, Germany

2019 Technical Expert Meetings on Mitigation
xperts will be gathering to discuss “off-grid and decentralized energy solutions for smart energy and water use in the global agri-food chain”.  These meetings will be live webcast and so are available to those who are not physically at SB 50 in Bonn.

The draft agenda can be found here.

The meetings aim to promote sustainability of the water-energy-food nexus to address the issues related to increasing demand for food from a growing global population, which in addition to climate change, is placing significant pressure on agricultural production and natural resources.

During the sessions, governments and non-Party stakeholders will explore high-potential mitigation policies, practices, and technologies with significant sustainable development co-benefits, with the potential in increase pre-2020 climate ambition. It will be led and organized by Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), supported by the UNFCCC secretariat.

For further details on the meeting, please visit here.