SB 48-2 (Bangkok Session) Updates

Updated Wednesday 5 September 0032 Bangkok time.

This page is the main repository of information for RINGOS for SB 48-2.  More details will be added here as they become available.  Last minute updates (ie meeting location change or new meeting added and occurring in the next few hours) will be posted here as well as posted as a new blog entry.  To subscribe to the blog entries so that you will receive an email with the new post, please see the information on the right hand panel.   Note – edits to this post will not generate an email – so please plan on checking this regularly.  

During SB 48-2 in Bangkok, Thailand from September 4  – 9, 2018, RINGOs are invited to:

1. RINGO Constituency meetings:
Ringo will meet each morning beginning Tuesday, September  4 from 0800 – 0830  in Meeting Room D.  These daily meetings are intended to provide a platform of discussion about the ongoing negotiations, as well as facilitate networking and provide the opportunity to share research results

RINGO’s first coordination will take place Tuesday, September 4, from 8-8:30am, in Meeting Room D. We’ll start promptly at 8am because our BINGO colleagues will need the room for their 8:30am meeting. To find the room, take the central escalators to the first floor after entering on the ground level and going through security. Make a right off the escalator, then a quick left toward the  restaurant. Then turn right again and go down the hallway. Meeting room D is on the left just after the G77+China office.  Although our meeting will end promptly at 8:30am, there is plenty of time and space elsewhere on this floor to continue conversations. The opening plenary does not start until 10am on the floor above us and the venue is small.

Constituency meetings are not posted on the daily schedule after the first day, but the date and time remain the same unless otherwise indicated.

2. Briefings with observer organizations:

Incoming Presidency’s meeting with observer organizations

Date:  Wednesday 5 September 2018
Time: 1200 – 1230
Venue: Meeting Room F

APA Chairs’ dialogue with observer organizations

Date: Wednesday 5 September 2018
Time: 1230 – 1300
Venue: Meeting Room F

SBI Chairs’ dialogue with observer organizations

Date: Wednesday 5 September 2018
Time: 1630  – 1700
Venue:Meeting Room Theatre (Press Conference room)
Chair: WGC

SBSTA Chairs’ dialogue with observer organizations

Date: Wednesday 5 September 2018
Time: 1700 – 1730
Venue:Meeting Room Theatre (Press Conference room)
Chair: RINGO

Executive Secretary’s meeting with observer organizations

Date: Thursday, 6 September 2018
Time: 10:00-11:00
Venue: Meeting Room A
Chair: IPO

3. APA Informals


The APA negotiations are currently in informal consultations.  It is our understanding that the APA informals will be in the larger rooms and will not require tickets.    RINGO members not in attendance would still greatly appreciate notes form these session, so please share by emailing to

4.  Tickets for informal sessions
Kindly note that due to space constraints a ticket system will have to be implemented for open informal consultations in the following meeting rooms:

  • Conference Room 4
  • Meeting Room A
  • Meeting Room H

Tickets will be distributed at the daily RINGO coordination meeting from 0800 – 0830 in Meeting Room D.  The RINGO focal points distribute tickets at the close of these meetings.  If you do not receive a ticket, you may read the notes taken by your RINGO colleagues at the notes page link below.

4. Meeting notes from constituency members:
It is impossible to be everywhere SB or to even be there at all!  To support one another, RINGO members are often willing to share notes from meetings they attend.  Please email notes that you are able to contribute to and Meeting notes will be posted on the notes page as they become available.

5. Side events and exhibits:

There are no side events or exhibits at SB48-2



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