COP 26 Meeting Notes

As many RINGOs are not able to attend COP 26 or not able to attend sessions they are interested in, we appreciate submission of notes by our RINGO members who are in attendance.  Notes can be sent to

Please use the following guidelines when sending notes:
**Send in pdf format
**include the name and institution of the notetaker
**include the session attended – agenda item, day and time

An effort is made to post notes quickly.  Notes are the product of the author and are not reviewed by RINGO.  Please excuse any errors or inconsistencies. Please find notes sorted by UNFCCC body and agenda item, in chronological order.

Pre-COP – Notes

Minutes of the Pre-COP in Milan, Italy, 30 September 2021 – 02 October 2021

  • by: Dario Brescia, Perspectives Climate Research

COP 26 – Meeting Notes

COP Agenda Items

COP Agenda Item 8 – Matters Relating to Finance

COP Agenda Item 9 – Development and transfer of technologies

Cover Decision

Joint SBI/SBSTA Agenda Items

SBI 7/SBSTA10 – Second Periodic Review (PR2) of the Long Term Global Goal (LTGG)

SBI 16/SBSTA11 – Matters related to the forum on the impact of response measures

SBSTA Agenda Items

SBSTA Agenda Item 3 – Nairobi Work Program (NWP)

SBSTA Agenda Item 6 – Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform

SBSTA Agenda Item 15 – Matters relating to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

SBI Agenda Items

SBI Agenda Item 13 – Development and transfer of technologies and implementation of the Technology Mechanism

SBI Agenda Item 17 – Gender and Climate Change

CMA Agenda Items

CMA Agenda Item 8 – Matters Relating to Finance

Leaders’ Events

2 November 2021. Leaders’ Event: Action on Forests and Land Use By Lola Brot, Grenoble INP (France)