COP 27

Updated Saturday 29 October 2022.

This page is the main repository of information for RINGOS for COP27.  More details will be added here as they become available.  Last minute updates (ie meeting location change or new meeting added and occurring in the next few hours) will be posted on the COP 27 Opportunities and Updates page as well as posted as a new blog entry.  To subscribe to the blog entries so that you will receive an email with the new post, please see the information on the right hand panel.   Note – edits to this post will not generate an email – so please plan on checking this regularly.  

As you are preparing to attend COP27, we encourage you to take advantage of the pre-COP webinars RINGO prepared in conjunction with Second Nature and UC3.

Key Information for RINGOs

RINGO Constituency Coordination Meetings

Ringo will meet each morning beginning Monday 7 November at 0900.  Meetings will be held at 0900 in Side Event Room 4 – Khufu.

Ringo will meet each morning beginning Monday 7 November at 0900.  Meetings will be held at 0900 in Side Event Room 4 – Khufu. These daily meetings are intended to provide a platform of discussion about the ongoing negotiations, as well as facilitate networking and provide the opportunity to share research results.  Constituency meetings are not posted on the daily schedule after the first day, but the date and time remain the same unless otherwise indicated.

During daily coordination meetings, RINGO features daily updates on the negotiations as well as an opportunity for community building.  We invite guest experts to provide more detail on negation topics.  Our COP 27 schedule is (subject to change):

  • Sunday November 6: No RINGO meeting
  • Monday, November 7: Welcome and orientation
  • Tuesday, November 8: Mitigation Work Programme (Melissa Low)
  • Wednesday, November 9: Finance (Clara Gurresoe)
  • Thursday, November 10: Negotiations update
  • Friday, November 11: Global Stocktake Report Out (Cindy Isenhour, Emilie Beauchamp, Jennifer Huang)
  • Saturday, November 12: Loss & Damage (Zoha Shawoo)
  • Monday, November 14: Welcome to week 2 and orientation; Transparency (Melissa Low and Shikha Basin)
  • Tuesday, November 15: Art 6 (Axel Michaelowa)
  • Wednesday, November 16: Technology Mechanism (Shikha Bhasin)
  • Thursday, November 17: Ocean (Miriah Kelly)
  • Friday, November 18: Cryosphere (Pam Pearson)

Registration (Getting your badge)

Registration desk opening hours (located in Area A)

  • 30 October to 4 November: 08:00 – 18:00 hrs
  • 5 to 6 November: 08:00 – 20:00 hrs (longer opening hours
  • Monday, 7 November:
    • For Parties, United Nations and IGOs: 06:30 – 19:00 hrs
    • For NGOs the registration starts after 14:00 hrs
  • 8 to 18 November: 08:00 – 19:00 hrs
  • Sunday, 13 November: The conference venue, including registration, will be closed.

Virtual Platform

COP27 virtual platform: The COP 27 virtual platform has been launched for all registered participants. Please make sure to check your access and log in in advance. Once you enter the platform, you will find a support function by clicking the floating Chat button on the bottom corner of every page.  You can also email the Support Hub by clicking the headphone icon in the bottom left of your screen. There will be no remote active participation, including for Parties. Negotiations and interventions in negotiating groups will take place in-person only. So, observers and Parties joining remotely will be able to watch only.

Briefings with observer organizations:

Briefings with observer organizations will be posted on the COP 27 Opportunities and Updates page.

Tickets for limited access meetings

Information on limited access meetings/events for which tickets are distributed, will be posted on the COP 27 Opportunities and Updatepage.

Meeting notes from constituency members

It is impossible to be everywhere at COP or to even be there at all!  To support one another, RINGO members are often willing to share notes from meetings they attend.  Please email notes that you are able to contribute to Meeting notes will be posted on the notes page as they become available.

Side Events and Exhibits

Note: Because of the large number of side events and exhibits organized by our members, we are unable to promote individual side events on this page.  Please see the UNFCCC side events webpage for a schedule of side events and the UNFCCC exhibits page for a list of exhibits.

Side Events Webcast Page: Side Events will be broadcast live at the time and date indicated (CET), and are available to view on demand for a limited time after the event.