Research into Practice Day – Tuesday, 4 December

The RINGO Steering Committee is delighted to announced that at COP24 this year, RINGO has organized a thematic day called Research into Practice. It will take place on Tuesday, December 4.

RINGO side event flyer

Side events selected to feature this theme include:

11:30 -13:00:    Contributions of the research community to climate action and implementation of the Paris Agreement (Room Narew)

Researchers from academia, non-profits and think-tanks are engaged in research, capacity building, and education. This session will highlight evidence-based case studies of such practices that advance climate action and promote the effective and lasting implementation of the Paris Agreement.

**NOTE** This side event was organized by RINGO Steering Committee members Diane Husic (Moravian College) and Beth Martin (Washington University) on behalf of RINGO.

15:00 – 16:30:   Science and policy must come together to successfully implement counties’ NDCs (Room Narew)

The successful implementation of the NDCs relies on countries’ capacity to negotiate between long-term objectives and the short-term needs. This session will use experiences in Latin America to explore the information and the type of interactions needed to make sustainable plans. Speakers include Ana Loboguerrero of CCAFS; Alex De Pinto of IFPRI; Mariana Rojas, Director of Climate Change, Ministry of the Environment Colombia; Walter Oyhantcabal, Director of Agriculture and Climate Change, Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishery Uruguay; and Angelina Espinoza Oyarzun, Ministry of Agriculture Chile.

15:00-16:30:     Making climate action more transparent and ambitious: lessons learned from the NDCs (Room Wisla)

The first round of NDCs lacked sufficient ambition and clarity to provide a pathway for reaching the Paris Agreement’ long term goals. Learning from past experience, this side event presents strategies for improving countries’ next NDCs based on research from several upcoming academic publications. Speakersinclude Dr. Pieter Pauw (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management), Prof dr. Niklas Höhne (New Climate Institute), Dr. Saleemul Huq (ICCCAD and IIED), Dr. Angel Hsu (Yale University), Dr. Clara Brandi (DIE) and Dr. Arunabha Ghosh (Organized by German Development Institute (DIE – Bonn).

16:45-18:15:     Enhancing ocean and climate observing in developing nations using low-cost technologies and training (Room Narew)

Organizations working to develop/deploy low-cost technologies and provide professional training for ocean and climate observing in coastal waters of developing nations will share their perspectives and experience. Stakeholders from these nations will be invited to discuss their resource management needs. Speakers include Sophie Seeyave (CEO, POGO), Karen Wiltshire (Vice Director, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany), Alessandro Crise (Senior Scientist, OGS, Italy), Kirill Kivva (Head of Laboratory, VNIRO, Russia), Edem Mahu (Senior Lecturer, Ghana).

In addition, the SBSTA-IPCC Special Event will take place on Tuesday, December 4,  15:00-18:00 on Unpacking the new scientific knowledge and key findings in the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5C.