Welcome to SB56

The following email was just sent to the RINGO listserv.  I am repeating here as well.  Please note as the email indicates – the website will be the main method of communication during SB56.

Dear all RINGOs – Potential SB 56 attendees,

Welcome to SB 56

This email is being sent to all who are on the RINGO listserv as well as to the Designated Contact Points of the different RINGO organizations. Kindly forward it to all the persons in your organization who will attend the SB meeting in Bonn.

You are receiving this email because you are either on the RINGO listserv, were forwarded the email and/or are have selected RINGO as your constituency in your observer application.  To join the RINGO listserv, visit RINGO listserv.

Communication at the SBs
We will be using the RINGO website as our primary communication tool at the SBs – so please continue reading to learn more!

RINGO Website
Communication– We will be using our website (www.ringos.net) as a primary means of communication and announcements during the SBs.   The page dedicated to SB 56can be by clicking on the SB 56 tab on the RINGO website.   The site will be updated during the SBs as we receive new information and opportunities – so remember to check it regularly.   You are able to subscribe to our blog on the website (see the right hand side of the page) – but as the note at the top of the SB 56 page indicates:

This page is the main repository of information for RINGOS for SB 56.  More details will be added here as they become available.  Last minute updates (ie meeting location change or new meeting added and occurring in the next few hours) will be posted here as well as posted as a new blog entry.  To subscribe to the blog entries so that you will receive an email with the new post, please see the information on the right hand panel.   Note – edits to this post will not generate an email – so please plan on checking this regularly.

SB 56 virtual platform:

The SB 56 virtual platform has been launched for all registered participants. Please make sure to check your access and log in in advance. Once you enter the platform, you will find a support function by clicking the floating Chat button on the bottom corner of every page.  You can also email the Support Hub by clicking the headphone icon in the top right of your screen. There will be no remote active participation, including for Parties. Negotiations and interventions in negotiating groups will take place in-person only. So, observers and Parties joining remotely will be able to watch only.


Beth and Tracy

your co-focal points

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