Update for 13 November – RINGO Meeting at 1200

UPDATE Nov 12: COP26 will continue into Saturday, November 13.

The Presidency has announced that it intends to make a new text available at 8am Nov 13 and convene a short, informal plenary no earlier than 10am, at which these documents will be introduced and next steps will be proposed. It then plans to hold formal plenaries in the afternoon and close sometime on Saturday.

The Secretariat has announced that observer access to the closing plenaries will be limited. RINGO has 1 secondary badge for Plenary Room 1 (Pen Y Fan) and 3 secondary badges for Plenary Room 2 (Cairn Gorm) to distribute to members who attend the daily coordination meeting. In addition, the 10-min rule will be in place tomorrow for the plenary sessions. As a reminder, this basically means that:

  1. Security lets in all the access card holders into the Plenary.
  2. Security waits until 10 mins from the start of the meeting and if still there are empty seats in the observer areas, including IGOs and UN seats, they let in observers without access cards.
  3. While NGOs can sit at IGO or UN seats if they are available, if and when their representatives show up, please immediately vacate the seats for them.

RINGO Meeting Saturday 13 November at 1200

Given the timing of the new decision text drafts and the short, informal plenary (which will be live broadcasted on UNFCCC site and on the COP26 platform), RINGO will postpone its daily coordination meeting until 12 noon. Please meet at the tables outside Side Event Room Strangford Lough (our regular meeting room during the COP). If the Armadillo is closed, then we will meet at the cafe next to the Plenary Rooms.):: :

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