Climate Dialogues

Dear RINGO Colleagues,
The UN Climate Change Dialogues, organized by the SBI and SBSTA Chairs, will take place virtually from Nov 23 – 4 December, 2020. These dialogues are intended to “provide a platform for Parties and other stakeholders to showcase progress made in 2020 and exchange views and ideas across the subsidiary bodies and COP agendas mandated for 2020.” You will find more specific information at this link, including the overview list and daily schedule. 

Observers are invited to attend sessions that are open to them.  All sessions that are broadcast are open to everyone. Links for live webcasts are provided on the daily schedule.  

In addition, each constituency is allowed to nominate two members to attend via a separate platform, on which observers will be able to engage more by possibly posing questions and making short statements.  If you are interested in being nominated, please complete this UNFCCC Climate Dialogues RINGO Sign-up form.  If we have more than two names, we will randomly select two names from those who expressed interest by FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13 at noon eastern time

Please note that you may see sessions listed on the Climate Dialogues page that are not listed here on this form.  That is either because we are not able to send observers, or the session is related to constituted body (CB) work and RINGO has chosen to send members who have been previously engaged with the CBs. 

Even though our RINGO listserv is open to many, please know that we may ONLY nominate people associated with an admitted NGO that has chosen to affiliate with the RINGO constituency.  If you are not sure, you can check the constituency status of observer organizations at this link:  

Processing these nominations require a lot of work in a short amount of time.  We appreciate you taking care to meet the Friday deadline and only applying if you meet the accreditation and affiliation criteria.  And remember, if you are not nominated to a session, you may watch it on webcast.

Tracy and Beth

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